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The people behind the Lekker

    The LekkerBek concept happened by accident. Here is the story...    
    Wirie, the mother of the LekkerBek Team who normally practices as a Marketing Consultant, decided to bake some lekker goodies for Christmas Gifts. Word spread like a veldt fire and before she knew it found herself baking through the night.    
    Walking her Rottweilers one morning, she was wondering what to give her husband, André, for Christmas. She decided: “Oh well, I shall just give him a whole lot of goodies, after all he is just a LekkerBek.”  {Lover of Food and Drink}    

It was at that moment that “LekkerBek Homemade Goodness” was born.

    The “Goodness” part was her son Arné, an engineer by profession, brainchild, who is just as much part of the LekkerBek Team as any of the other members.  The other integral part of the team is her daughter, Andanté, a graphic designer, who loves to make things pretty - and of course, loves to cook. To see her admiring a perfect mushroom is something to behold.  “Sourcing products with her for the LekkerBek Gift Selection is an experience. First it must be pretty, and then it must be good to eat. Great is her relief when pretty packaging reveals a tasty morsel.”    
    Although the Rust family has their roots in the Cape and the Karoo their home has been in Johannesburg for the past 33 years. Their house is an open haven for friends and family who enjoy good food, and good conversation around their ‘famous stoep table’. They even tried calculating how many hours were actually spent around their reputable stoep enjoying good food and wine, but found it to be an impossible task.    
    It is our desire that you enjoy the homemade products in our LekkerBek Gift Selection Range just as much as we enjoyed our journey of finding and tasting them.    

Cheers to the Good Life!

    Pour yourself a glass of wine and read    

The LekkerBek Journey – and share in our journey of finding and tasting Homemade Goodness!